"Made in America"

Remember not too long ago when that declaration brought pride in all Americans?  Every part of an original Trac-ster™ is made in central Illinois, the heartland of America.  Each unique sculpture represents mid-western values we can all share. Hard work, practical and with a drive to conquer the west and then go to the moon, all Americans can identify with what a
Trac-ster™ represents.

tony carving


Model 1

Model 1: John Deere® Inspired

Model 2

Model 2: Allis Chalmers® Inspired

Model 3

Model 3: John Deere® Inspired, the "Poppin John"

Model 4

Model 4: Oliver® Inspired


Driving Tractors

Driving tractors was an everyday fact of my life on the family farm in Michigan. Like many farm boys, I ventured out to the big city to seek fame and fortune.  But, my fascination for farm tractors still remained strong, as they were part of the fabric of my early life. My training and degree in industrial design made me appreciate the artistic style found in farm tractors.

The farm tractor is a distinctly American invention.  Born of ingenuity and necessity, it has grown from humble beginnings such as the Waterloo boy and Henry Ford’s Fordson, to become the tool that helped make America the “Breadbasket of the World.”  Whether they were painted green, red or yellow, they were the workhorse of the American farmer.

From time to time, the farmer would ride his tractor out of the dusty farm fields and with a little elbow grease, clean it up to “strut its stuff” on the parade route and at county fair tractor pulls.  It is this image of the farm tractor that I have tried to capture in these sculptures.

Aggressive form, sweeping lines and magnificent detail are captured in these highly polished tractor sculptures both past and present.  Because of this fascination, I have attempted to create a tribute to these dynamic machines.  I hope that fellow tractor lovers will agree that I have succeeded in capturing the spirit of the American farm tractor.